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Panel Antenna


Panel Antenna

Panel Antenna Application:
Panel Antenna is designed for 3G frequency band repeater designed and manufactured
The optimized antenna design and careful debugging, VSWR performance,high gain
Before and after the ratio,to ensure the system on the adjacent channel and co-channel interference to achieve effective separation

Panel Antenna Feature:
Anteena radiating elements and feed network are well-grounded reflector shield protection,effectively preventing ligtning damage
Wind of UV aging antenna radome protection element and feed network,so from the ice,salt spray and acid rain damage
Antenna structure solid, with good anti-vibration shock and waterproof anti-corrosion ability


  01. WLAN,WiFi Antennas
  02. WiMAX,Wireless Access Antennas
  03. Indoor Coverage Antennas, Broadband Antennas
  04. Base Station Antennas (GSM, CDMA, 3G)
  05. Repeater Antennas
  06. VHF/UHF Antennas
  07. Terminal Antennas
  08. RFID Antennas
  09. Mobile Antennas
  10. Hf Antennas,Ultra Wideband Antenna and GPS Antennas
  11. Decorative and Disguised Antennas
  12. Other Special Antennas

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